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The Photographer's Guide to shoot your dream events

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After reading this Guide...

✔️ You can build your perfect portfolio

✔️ You don't make the most common mistakes

✔️ You know how to get acces to great events

Do you struggle getting photography jobs?

No worries - I've been there too. In the beginning I was uncertain if I could ever make a living out of my photography. Now years later I'm really proud that I created a succesfull business out of it. I love to share with you how you can do this too.  


In this guide I’ll help you build your portfolio, so you can get acces to the events you dream off!

I've photographed 800+ events like Awakenings, Magic Break and Lowlands.


Also, I help international festival photographer to get jobs at really cool events. I want to help you too!

About Michiel Ton

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“Thanks to Michiel, I found my true passion. He sent me to Ultra Music Festival under his brand. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!"

Ian Gildemeister

Santiago - Chile

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