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event photography

Why I love eventphotography! 

From the small details to the big moments. With my photos I tell the unique story of each event. I supply event organizations with marketing worthy photography. Visual material that connects with their target audience.

I do this by creating memories for people. Capture that one moment for them that they can look back on for the rest of their lives. Taking that special photo with which they can relive that nice feeling. That is my drive. That gives me an energy boost as an event photographer.

I see it as a challenge to photograph people in their pure form. To capture that one moment of spontaneity. Creating snapshots where people really live in the moment.​

By then working like a ninja, inconspicuously and dynamically, I know how to photograph every visitor in a natural way in the blink of an eye.

I create marketing worthy photography

  • Photos that allow potential visitors to connect with your event.

  • Photos that highlight the unique elements of your event.

  • Photos that tell a unique story about your event.

  • Photos that promote & sell your event.

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Fast, professional and reliable photography service

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