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Important Photos To Make While Photographing A Festival

Updated: 13 hours ago

First time shooting a festival? And maybe a bit nervous? No worries, I got you covered! On my blog you can find a lot of different tips and trick when it comes to festival photography! So feel free to have a look around, or send me a DM!

And in this video I'm sharing 2 important photos to make while photographing a festival: spontaneous moments between visitors and the sunny overview. I’ll give you tips on how to shoot festival photos that will make people really happy!

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Photo 1. Spontaneous moments between visitors

Any festival organization loves to see the visitors having fun at their festival. The best way to show this energy is with photos of authentic, spontaneous moments between visitors. To shoot these photos you need to be unnoticeable as a photographer. We all fake-smile when we see a camera pointing at us, right? So how do you make sure you shoot spontaneous moments at a festival?

Festival photography jobs

Tip 1. Use a lens that can zoom.

I love the 70-200 mm lens, because this baby can bring people super close to me (without me getting super close to them!). The perfect piece of photography machinery to try and spy on the festival visitors!

Tip 2. Drop mental pin points in the crowd.

I always scan the area and look for people that radiate a lot of fun and positive energy. Aim the camera, take the photo and go!

Photo 2. Sunny overview

The second type of photo any organization will love to receive from you is a sunny overview photo from their terrain. But sunny photos, you have no control of fixing that, right? Nothing is more changeable than the weather. Well, you can with these 2 tips to make a sunny overview photo.

Festival photography

Tip 1. Schedule the photo

With preparation the chance of getting a sunny overview photo is 10 times bigger. I always check the weather forecast upfront. Cloudy almost the entire day, but a bit of sun at 2pm? Great, I set my alarm to make sure that at that time I’m ready to shoot the overview photo.

Tip 2. Pinpoint the location

Again, preparation is key. I love being early at the festival, so I can scan the area and plan my moneyshots. So before the party starts, I already found my perfect spot for the overview photo. Now I only have to wait for the right time, go to this spot and take the photo!


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