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Special tip for sharp low light nightclub photography

Updated: Nov 11, 2022

Are you sometimes bummed that your photos are less sharp when shooting in a low light place?

Well, in this video, I’ll share with you a special tip on how to shoot sharp photos in low light places, like nightclubs. And there is more, at the end I share an easy-to-do tip I always do to make my photos stand out to my clients.

Interested in more photography tips and tricks? Check out my video ‘7 Festival Photography Tips @ Verknipt festival 2021.


Nightclub photography tips

During the Amsterdam Dance Event I was asked to shoot the Cuckoo's Nest, an event by my friends Mr Belt & Wezol. I love shooting club parties, because of the music, the people and the energy. But photographing an event in a nightclub can be a challenge, because there is not much light. And photography in the basis, is all about capturing light. But I have a trick that helps me during the focusing proces a lot...

Low Light photography tip
Cuckoo's Nes - Amsterdam Dance Event - club night photography

The special tip: use the infrared beam!

In a low light place, it’s extra important to focus. I use my flash for this. Not to flash people in their face. No, I use it for the infrared beam. How to turn it on? Go to external speed control and disable your flashlight. This means: no flash, but yes infrared beam. This little red dot helps a lot with focussing, and therefore sharper pictures!

Important side note for this photography tip: this special low light photography tip only works when you are using a DSLR camera.

How-to stand out

When you’re photographing for a client, the best way to make them happy is to get them exactly the pictures they asked for, right? Well, no. I always try to give a little extra by telling a story with my photos. For Mr belt & Weasel I took photos of them performing, but also backstage interacting with each other and other artists. These photos they can use for social media. Or just as an amazing memory of this great night!

Thinking outside the lines of the event and taking some extra photos to tell a story, is an easy and very effective way to stand out to your client. They may not use it for the goal of the assignment, but they will definitely appreciate it and remember you for it.


Wanna learn more about Nightclub Photography?

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Online course nightclub photography

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A sneak peak...

Chapter 11: nightclub photography tips

Since shooting in low light situations is a crucial factor in becoming a professional event photographer I've dedicated a special chapter where I give all my best tips and tricks.

Event photography course - Low light
Screenshots from chapter 11 - Shooting low light party situations

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