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5 Tips for DJ Photography

Updated: Jul 4

Are you ready to take your DJ photography skills to the next level? Use these 5 tips for capturing the best moments of a DJ performance. Whether you're shooting at a club or a festival, these tips will help you create photos that DJ will love. Let's get started!

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Tip 1: Start before the show starts and shoot backstage photos of the DJ

Getting shots of the DJ behind the scenes is a great way to set the scene and add some context to your photos. You could capture them setting up their equipment, getting ready for their set, or even just hanging out with their crew. These photos can help tell a story and create a connection between the viewer and the DJ. (Some examples only apply if you are booked or hired by the DJ)

A few examples of DJ photography that artist like you to photograph.

1. Photograph DJs connecting with other DJs

2. Try to shoot, or even create funny backstage moments

3. Try to take candid shots of tje DJ having fun

Tip 2: Focus on interaction between the DJ and the crowd

The best DJ photos often capture the interaction between the DJ and the crowd. Look for shots of the DJ getting the crowd pumped up, or the crowd responding to the music. These types of photos can really showcase the energy and excitement of the show.

Examples of interaction

  1. DJ with their hands in the air

  2. Looking at the crowd

  3. Feeling of connection between the crowd and the artist

Examples of photos that are awesome, but mis the connection with the crowd.

  1. DJ looking at the decks

  2. Just missed the moment the DJ looks at the crowd

  3. The DJ not looking at the fireworks

Tip 3: Focus on emotion of the DJ

Music can be an incredibly emotional experience, and a great DJ can really tap into that. Try to capture the emotion of the moment in your photos. Look for shots of people lost in the music, or the DJ looking totally immersed in their set. I love capturing these shots as an international festival photographer.

Tip 4: Focus on capturing the energy

DJ shows are all about the energy, and your photos should reflect that. Look for shots of people dancing, jumping, or just generally having a great time. These types of photos can really showcase the energy and excitement of the show. A hit is that you listen to the music, and be ready when the drop comes. Because this moment is most likely the moment there will be the most energy! Also check out these tips on how to photograph SFX as a festival photographer!

Tip 5: Don’t stand between the DJ and the monitors

This may seem like a small detail, but it's an important one. DJs need to be able to hear their monitors in order to mix their music properly. If you're standing between the DJ and the monitors, you could be blocking their hearing and interfering with their DJ set. So, be mindful of your placement and try to avoid standing in this key area.

Green area is ok, red area is a no go
Where to stand when photographing a DJ

In conclusion, DJ photography is all about capturing the energy, excitement, and emotion of the moment. By following these tips, you'll be well on your way to creating amazing photos that truly showcase the experience. So, grab your camera and get ready to capture some amazing shots at your next DJ show!


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