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9 of my favorite photos from the Amsterdam Dance Event

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Amsterdam Dance Event Photographer
9 of my favorite ADE photos

In 2015 I was a official Amsterdam Dance Event photographer. I covered 2 to 3 events every night for 4 days in a row. I met a lot of amazing people, saw a lot of cool places and gave all the energie I had to create the best content I possibly could. Now a days I have some other cool clients I work for during the Amsterdam Dance Event. Over the years I've created some of my favorite pictures during ADE. Here are some of my favorite photos I've taken starting in 2014 until last years edition in 2017.

1. This photo was shot during Into The Woods festival. I had to climb a 50 meter high crane to be able to get this view. This photos really captures the amazing festival vibe this organization brings to the Amsterdam Dance Event. With cool art structures, fire, and colorful lighting.

2. This photo was shot during Dockyard festival back in 2015. When I look at this picture I can just imaging the sound of the CO2 that's making it's way towards the party crowd.

3. One of the most surprising nights for me as a dance festival photographer was the O.W.A.P event that was held at warehouse 22 on the north side of Amsterdam in 2015. From the outside the venue was just a warehouse, but once you entered, you stepped into a different world filled with happy, fun dancing people.

4. David guetta during Amsterdam Music Festival. I love how the confetti and fireworks jump synchronized with the crowd.

5. This photo was shot moments after Martin Garrix won the DJ Mag top 100 for the first time. I covered an exclusive backstage event at the AFAS live formally known as the Heineken Music hall.

6. Also shot during the Amsterdam Music Festival but a year earlier. Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike made their debut at the Johan Cruijff Arena, formerly known as the Amsterdam Arena.

7. What I love most about this photo from W&W is that the fireworks also spell a W and a W.

8. Shot during the official ADE night of Mr Belt & Wezol at the Hotel Arena. There was a great vibe all night, you could really tell the people came for a party. This photo was shot during a Back to Back set with Sam Veld. I brought party confetti poppers for them tot pop during a photo moment. A few weeks after the event I got a message from Mr Belt, that the venue had to charge them extra for the cleanup costs of the confetti.

9. another photo from Into The Woods, and also one of my favorite photos from 2017. I love the energetic vibe of this photo a lot!

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Hi, my name is Michiel Ton. I am a professional Business and event photographer from the Netherlands with loads of experience in covering business events and dance / music festivals. In addition to being a full time photographer, I am also a graduate as a teacher in social science. I have passion for creating unforgettable memories through my photography.

My social media channels for more of my photography stories.

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