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Photographing Love at Loveland Festival

Updated: May 29

Hey there! I'm excited to share my adventure at Loveland Festival 2023 with you. This festival holds a special place in my heart, and I couldn't wait to photograph the love, connections, and vibrant energy that make it so special. As part of my mission, I focused on photographing those moments of love that people share. Want to know how I approached this, see the outcomes and get 3 tips on how you can photograph love? Watch the video and read the blog!

But first, what is your tip to photograph emotions, like love? Let me know in the comments!

Did you already see my video about important photos to make while photographing a festival? Check it out!


Tip 1. Photographing Love

Love is all around at festivals, whether it's between couples, friends, or even strangers who become friends. When it comes to photographing love, focus on moments that express genuine emotions. Look for people sharing laughter and hugs. These moments of love can happen anywhere – on the dancefloor, in a chill area, or even during artist performances. Keep an eye out for those authentic interactions, they can be small or really big!

Tip 2. Photographing Connection

Photographing connections between people requires an eye for details. Keep an eye on groups of people engaged in conversations, laughter, or maybe even a synchronized dance step. These connections often happen when people are lost in the festival's magic. Don't be afraid to get close – most of the times, the best shots are the unposed ones.

Tip 3. Photographing Energy

Energy is what makes festivals come alive, and you'll find it where the music's thumping and the crowd's jumping. Position yourself near the front, where the excitement is contagious. Photograph the dance moves, the hands reaching for the sky, and the expressions of happiness. Experiment with burst mode to catch those split-second moments that are full with energy.

You get why I love Loveland!

Loveland Festival is not just a place to hear music; it's a place to feel and experience love. From the warm hugs and genuine connections to the boundless energy on the dancefloor, every moment was an opportunity to photograph love and connection.

And fun fact: I used to go to Loveland wayyy before I became a festival photographer. Can you spot my babyface in the video? .


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Hey there! I'm an international festival and event photographer with a ton of experience in capturing the magic of events and festivals. But there's more to me than just photography - I'm also a social studies teacher! I'm incredibly passionate about using my camera to create lasting memories that people can cherish for a lifetime.

Michiel Ton - International Festival photographer
Michiel Ton - International Festival photographer


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