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My favorite photos from 4 years of Magic Break Festival

Updated: Aug 26, 2020

Festival photography team
Magic Break Photographers Team 2019

One of the most unique festivals I have ever photographed has to be Magic Break festival in Turkey, chosen as the number one best festival in the country. Since 2015 they have trusted me to be their official festival photographer. And during the last editions to be in charge of the team of Magic Break photographer. There are a number of reasons why this festival is unique in my eyes.

1. Magic Break Festival is an hotel festival

The festival takes place at three large all-inclusive resorts on the coast of Antalya. This means that guests have the luxury to spend the night in a hotel.

2. The festival is an all-inclusive festival

Guests can get unlimited food and drinks. The advantage of this is that you only need to carry your hotel roomkey with you on the festival grounds. This ensures that the guests have a carefree festival experience. There is no stress about who bought the last round of drink. Money does not play a role in your life for a few days.

3. All music styles are represented at Magic Break festival

All kind of electronic music styles are present. There is always an artist to find that fits your music taste. Start your day with some EDM and house music at the Happy Hour stage and rave at night on some techno!

4. The festival goes on until deep into the night.

There are only a handful of festivals that I have visited in which you can party long after the sun has set. Magic Break is one of them. The impressive Dome stage where techno DJs from all over the world come to perform will make sure of that.

The fact that it is a 3 day event that goes on until late is a challenge for an event photographer. That is why I manage a team that consisting of me and 2 extra photographers. With these team each edition has been a great success. In this post I am sharing some of my favorite photos of this great festival.

DJ at Festival crowd photography
Resident DJ Ersin Aylı at the Nova stage

Crowd parting at Magic Break festival
Magicians partying to the sounds of DJ Dannic

Sea view of the festival from the hotel
The view from the roof of the hotel

Partying at the festival photography
Happy party people

Festival photography sunset sea dance
Magic Break Sunset dance session

Pool Party photography at festival
Happy Magicians partying at the Red Bull sound pool

Happy people partying at festival photographer
The Crowd going wild at the Nova stage

Festival dome stage photographer
The Dome stage

Crowd going wilde at the Mainstage photography at Magic Break Festival
CO2 explosion at the mainstage

Magic Break 2018 happy hour stage
More CO2 at the happy hour stage

Sunset dancing festival photographer
Free spirits dancing at sunset

Girls in the crowd dancing to hardstyle
Time for some hardstyle!

Party girls hart sings at festival
Girls showing love for the festival

Crowd partying mainstage photographer
HANDS UP! at the mainstage

Crowd festival photographer
Salih, the hardest parting magician of Magic Break festival!

Festival sunset photography
Sunset over the Original space area

DJ Photography at festival
Resident DJ Sercan Yanbay at the mainstage

Poolparty photography at Magic Break
Ersin Aylı going out with a BANG!

Dance festival photography
Tony Junior making the crowd go wild!

Magic Break Photographer pool party
Happy Magician partying

Sunset dancing at a festival
Magicians doing a sunset dance sessions!

Crowd hands up photography of DJ at festival
Ersin playing some hardstyle!

Redbull soundpool festival photographer
Magicians having a laugh at the Red Bull Soundpool

Pool Party event photographer
Girls dancing at the festival

Check out my Magic Break 2019 video I've made.

Info about the author


Hi, my name is Michiel Ton. I am a professional Business and event photographer from the Netherlands with loads of experience in covering business events and dance / music festivals. In addition to being a full time photographer, I am also a graduate as a teacher in social science. I have passion for creating unforgettable memories through my photography.

My social media channels for more of my photography stories.

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