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How I Shot the Worlds Biggest Techno Festival!

Updated: May 22

Festival photography - Nice!

Techno festival photography - Cool!

Shooting the worlds biggest Techno festival! - AMAZING!!

In this video, I’ll give you an inside view of how to photograph Awakenings, the biggest techno festival in the world. I love to show you around!

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Awakenings techno festival

If you love techno music it is impossible not to know Awakenings, right? Awakenings is with: 7 areas, 84 artists and 40 000 visitors each day the biggest techno festival in the world. And a big festival like this you have to cover with a lot of photographers. How many do you think? 1 - 2 - 3 ... 7 photographers on this job in total!

Awakenings 2022 photography team

Shooting awakenings as a festival photographer

Each photographer gets the assignment of shooting one or two stages. For me it was a bit different: my main focus was to cover the sponsor areas and to capture the festive atmosphere in and between all the stages. I loved photographing the energy, connection and love between visitors!

Festival photography at Awakenings

Awakenings summer festival 2022

Their new Awakenings edition is going to be even bigger: three days with a campsite. Because this is the first weekender, the organization didn’t have a lot of content yet to promote there new even bigger edition. So when I was photographing awakenings, my focus was also to create images that they can use in their marketing to show the world how awesome this next festival is going to be.

Festival photography jobs

Indoor photography vs. outdoor photography

The biggest challenge as festival photographer can be switching between different light situations. With music festival photography like Awakenings, you have to shoot indoor and outdoor stages. And shooting in an indoor low light situation can mean a world of difference. When I take photos outdoor, I have my camera on AV mode, this means that my camera automatically calculates the right shutter-speed. When I go indoor, I turn my camera to manual modus.

Outdoor festival photography and  indoor festival photogarphy


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