• Michiel Ton

In het Zand festival photography

Updated: Dec 22, 2019

One of the most fun things for me as a festival photographer is covering a small event with a lot of familiar faces. During In Het Zand Festival, (Translated to in the sand festival). This was definitly the case for me. The main music style of this festival was Disco and House music. The location of this event was at Strand Oog in Al. You can describe this location as an urban beach. It’s located next to a canal where once in a while a cargo ship sailed by. I was very happy with the nice weather at this festival. It was a big pleasure to be able to take photos here this year. Hope to be back for the next edition of this awesome and intimate festival. 

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Hi, my name is Michiel Ton. I am a professional Business and event photographer from the Netherlands with loads of experience in covering business events and dance / music festivals. In addition to being a full time photographer, I am also a graduate as a teacher in social science. I have passion for creating unforgettable memories through my photography.

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