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Video: My photography adventures at the Amsterdam Dance Event 2018

Updated: Aug 19, 2019

I always get a lot of energy when the Amsterdam Dance Events starts. For me this is one of the most exciting times of the year. I just love the energy people from all over the world bring to Amsterdam. It is a time to see some old friends from the music industry and a time to make new ones. Loads of photography opportunities lie around every corner. During last years edition I made the decision to share my story as a dance event photographer by making a vlog each day. I posted these videos on my facebook page. I really liked the memories I've made, so I decided to bundle all videos and post them on my youtube channel. In the video I'm taking you to three different photography jobs. The fist job was to shoot content for Thomas Gold, A world famous German DJ who I've worked with before. The second assignment was to cover The Chuckoo's Nest event from Mr Belt & Wezol. On Saturday I got the chance to cover Into The Woods Festival. I hope you like the video I've made. If so, please leave a comment underneath the video on youtube. If you want to see more of my favorite Amsterdam Dance Event photos than click on the link.

Info about the author


Hi, my name is Michiel Ton. I am a professional Business and event photographer from the Netherlands with loads of experience in covering business events and dance / music festivals. In addition to being a full time photographer, I am also a graduate as a teacher in social science. I have passion for creating unforgettable memories through my photography.

My social media channels for more of my photography stories.

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